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Yacht Boaz is all about having fun while making a difference, one nautical mile at a time.

Together we’ll make a difference in the following ways:

  • Become an active Hope Spot Ambassadors, wear your badge and T-shirt with pride
  • Sail with Yacht Boaz as a paid volunteer! Visit schools, educate kids, share your passion for the ocean and have the adventure of a lifetime
  • We always need more data. Your corporate contribution will help fund scientists to conduct vital research into the health of the Southern African coastline

We’ve scheduled our first three voyages. Each one is offered as a separate campaign to accommodate your diary*.

  • 1st Campaign: 26 February 2018 – 13 March 2018
  • 2nd Campaign: 26 March 2018 – 10 April 2018
  • 3rd Campaign: 20 April 2018 – 4 May 2018

Starting in 2018 we will concentrate on the first two of the six Hope Spots: False Bay and the Cape Whale Coast. The former is nestled in the Cape Peninsula and stretches from Cape Point (the most southern tip of Africa after Cape Agulhas) to the small village of Rooi-Els. Fishing pressure in unprotected parts of False Bay is significant and pollution is also an issue in the area. Part of the False Bay Hope Spot is reserved as a marine protected area and ‘no-take’ zone, creating a sanctuary for large reef fish, abalone and small sharks within an area of dense kelp forests. Rich in biodiversity, False Bay also supports a vibrant tourism economy with a wealth of cultural history.

The second Hope Spot we’ll visit during the two-week voyage is a 200km stretch of coastline called the Cape Whale Coast. This Hope Spot stretches from Rooi-Els to the picturesque town of Gansbaai, famous for its Great White Shark Cage diving experience. Mountains meet the sea through an intricate patchwork of estuaries, beaches and bays. Offshore, the temperate south coast currents meet cold west coast swells. These nutrient-rich waters host the African penguin, great white shark, Cape fur seal, and three species of whale and dolphin in addition to many endemic bird species. The region boasts a unique combination of spectacular scenery, rich biodiversity and cultural heritage

*We are of course dependent on the weather which means that our schedule might change.

Each and every contribution makes a difference!

$5,00 = 5 Nautical Miles

We intend to travel 300 nautical miles per voyage and over 3500 nautical miles during 2018 Help us get there! We’ll make sure to thank you on our Facebook page.


$10,00 = 10 Nautical Miles

Get a Yacht Boaz badge in the post and stitch it to your jacket or sling bag. It will also make a great gift! We’ll post a thank you on Facebook.


$45,00 = 45 Nautical Miles

For your generous contribution, you’ll become the proud owner of a quality T-shirt made from recycled plastic as well as the badge. This will go with a thank you on Facebook.


$2000,00 = Secure your place on board Yacht Boaz

As one of only six volunteers, you’ll be part of the adventure.

We’ll sail to the following harbours and explore the surrounding areas:

  • City of Cape Town (base camp)
  • Houtbay
  • Simonstown
  • Gordon’s Bay
  • Gansbaai

You’ll learn the following skills:

  • basic seamanship including navigation, radio procedures, knot skills, safety procedures, first-aid
  • introduction to free-diving and snorkelling
  • learn to prepare and give presentations

Learn more about:

  • the biodiversity of our ocean
  • ocean pollution
  • yourself
  • how to be the best Ocean Ambassador you can be

$1000,00 = Corporate or individual exposure

We’ll print a banner with the names of all our main contributors for a specific voyage. The banner will travel with us when we visit schools, points of interest etc. There is only space for twelve individuals/companies to advertise. We will not only print your name but also display your company logo. You’ll also get AND we’ll send you 12 badges and 6 T-shirts! (This contribution does not include a place on board. If you want to sail, get in touch)

$2000 = A flag will fly on Yacht Boaz – with your name on it!

Only ONE chance available to secure this reward. Your company’s name and logo will proudly be displayed on your flag, flying at all times. After the voyage, we’ll send you your flag as a keepsake! Your name will also appear in a prime position on our banner as well as all print and social media. The banner will travel with us when we visit schools, points of interest etc. You’ll also get 20 badges and 10 T-shirts.



If you still need a reason to join us, the videos below should do the trick…


I’d love to sail with Yacht Boaz but I’ve got more questions.

Just send us an email to info@blueeconomyfund.com and we’ll be in touch.


Become informed, get involved and become an Ocean Ambassador!

Update #1

Updates will be posted here so be sure to check in regularly - there might be surprise offerings.

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What is the weather like during February in Cape Town?

It's summer in Cape Town. Daytime temperatures are around 22-32 degrees centigrade and nighttime between 18 and 25 degrees centigrade

Do I need a visa?

Citizens of most countries can stay for 90 or 30 days In South Africa, without a visa. They can then apply for a visa in South Africa, to extend their stay for another 90 or 60 days. You can find a list with all those countries here, if your country is not on this list you will have to apply for a visa at least 4 weeks before arriving in South Africa.

Where can I exchange foreign currency in Cape Town?

There is a wide network of banks throughout South Africa that will exchange your foreign currency, and most major tourist locations such as airports and hotels will have dedicated foreign exchange facilities.

Is the tap water in Cape Town safe to drink?

Absolutely! Cape Town, and South Africa, has some of the best drinking water in the world.

Is crime really an issue in Cape Town?

Crime in Cape Town is generally of an opportunistic nature, and tourists can take many measures to avoid being victims of crime. Read our Safety Tips for Tourists in Cape Town for more advice. While crime is a reality throughout South Africa, much of it can be avoided with good common sense and by being alert.

What is the best time of the year to visit Cape Town?

Any time! Each season in Cape Town has something to offer its visitors - take a look at our Cape Town weather page for more info.

What do I do in an emergency, and what is the healthcare situation like in Cape Town?

Private hospitals in Cape Town are excellent, and your best bet if you're looking to be attended to promptly. Most travel insurance cover treatment at private hospitals. There are also numerous doctors throughout Cape Town who offer excellent service.

For a medical emergency, dial 082 911 or 112 from your mobile phone. Police can be contacted by dialing 10111.

What electrical outlets can I use for my appliances?

South African outlets follow international protocols, and produce 220-240 volts. Most sockets are suitable for rounded 3-prong plugs, while many appliances make use of 2-prong plugs. Adapters are available cheaply in supermarkets and stores throughout the city, and are more expensive at major tourist locations such as the airport. Most hotels will provide you with adapters should you forget yours behind.

Is it safe to swim in Cape Town beaches? What about sharks?

Cape Town beaches generally offer cold but safe swimming and surfing conditions. There are lifeguards on duty on most major beaches throughout the peak summer months, and it is advisable to only swim at beaches where lifeguards are on duty.

While there have been a handful of shark attacks in Cape Town waters, these are extremely rare and highly unlikely. Nevertheless, there are many measures in place to limit the risk of these attacks, such as the shark spotter programme.

What type of a yacht is Boaz?

Boaz is a Boden Schooner design- she has twin masts. She weighs 40-tons and is a steel yacht 52 feet long. Her crew and passengers are accommodated in 5 cabins.

What safety precautions does Yacht Boaz follow?

Boaz is inspected annually by the South African Marine Safety Association (SAMSA). She is equipped according to SAMSA safety regulations. Our Crew are professional sailors, who have the necessary credentials to operate safely in South African waters.

I have never sailed before, will I enjoy it?

Although not an absolute necessity, some form of previous sailing or deckhand experience will be useful. If you do not have any previous sailing experience and you like being at or on the water, watching the landscape slowly passing by while the wind is playing in your hair; if you like being to yourself once in a while, but also enjoy good conversations with other nice and uncomplicated people; if you look forward to get to know secluded bays, beautiful harbours and picturesque villages - then you will do well on board Boaz with us.

Is my experience onboard Yacht Boaz going to be a pleasure cruise?

No, all our voyages are hands-on sailing. We sail using the wind as much as possible in order for you to learn as much as possible about how to sail. We encourage you to get involved in as many aspects of sailing as practical.

Is there an age restriction to become a crew member?

The voyage is aimed at school leavers, students and young adults of up to 24-years. Why not join us during your GAP year?

I get seasick, should I join your crew?

It is no shame to be seasick and even Lord Nelson is said to not have been completely spared from it. Nevertheless, a truly severe seasickness is very rare. With the exception of short crossings, we mostly sail close to the coast, staying in bays or ports overnight. When sailing, the sails support the ship, decreasing the movements of the water. If you are unsure whether you get seasick, try a take a motion sickness tablet. In the rare case that you still should not feel well: stay on deck in the fresh air and watch the horizon. This mostly helps.

How fit do I need to be?

A normal level of fitness and mobility will be adequate:

    • You should be able to walk continuously for 30 minutes without experiencing difficulty.
    • You should be a confident swimmer as we plan on freediving.
    • You will need to be able to climb a 2m ladder as you may need to climb up or down onto quay walls ladders or trips to or from the shore via the rubber duck.
    • A reasonable sense of balance and agility

If I have a medical condition will it be a problem?

Yacht Boaz does not discriminate on the basis of physical or mental disability except as required to ensure the safety of all trainees and crew-members. The following is a list of conditions that may inhibit participation or compromise the safety of the trainee or their crewmates:

    1. Medical conditions which may require continuing or emergency treatment while at sea such as: diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac disorders, etc.
    1. Life threatening allergies or sensitivities which cannot be avoided on board our ships.
    1. Limited mobility or agility due to factors such as: incomplete recovery from physical injury; use of crutches, cane or other walking aids; severe arthritis - rheumatoid or other forms; severe obesity; neurological disorders; pregnancy; frailty, etc.
    1. Impaired vision or hearing.
    1. Psychological or mental health disorders.
    1. Inability to tolerate stressful situations (physical or psychological).
    1. Poor balance or dizziness
    1. Limited / low mental capacity
    1. Seizures
    1. Contagious illnesses Please telephone or email us for advice. Please note any medical information is totally confidential.


    • Swimming garments
    • Hat/Cap for sun protection
    • Beanie/ear muffs, though not necessary can be nice to have
    • T-shirts, polo-shirts, blouses and dress-shirts (also long-sleeved)
    • Pants and shorts are also recommended for ladies’ due to climbing of stairs and the transfer to land by boat
    • A pullover or a fleece for the evenings as once the sun goes down it can get a little cool and it may be cooler on the water than expected.
    • A Wind/Rain proof jacket is strongly recommended for the crossings and windy evenings aboard. If you have foul weather sailing gear bring it along, however it is not mandatory.
    • Shoes: We kindly ask you to only wear anti-skid sports- and boat shoes on board. In addition, bring a pair of flip-flops or sandals for visits to the beach
    • For walking trips ashore we recommend you to wear sturdy shoes such as hiking boots
    • If you have waterproof sailing boots or wellington boots bring them along, however they are not essential
    • Sleepwear
    • Bring a towel for showering and bathing
    • Sleeping Bag and bed sheet


    • Sunblock is essential
    • Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and other cleaning products

Diving Equipment

    • If you have your own mask, snorkel, fins or other diving equipment you prefer using bring them along. If you don’t these items we will provide them to you.

Camera and Electronics

    • Should you have a digital camera and wish to bring it along to capture your experiences onboard bring it along. Yacht Boaz has 220v 50hz power available in all cabins which you will be able to use to recharge batteries

What is included in the voyage?

    • Your accommodation
    • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
    • Course material
    • Transfers
    • Selected land-based activities

What isn't included in the voyage price?

    • Your travel expenses to and from your country of origin to Cape Town (we can assist with arranging this for you)
    • Your South African visa (should you require one) we can assist in arranging one if required
    • Spending money.
    • Travel Insurance – we advise that you take out personal travel insurance
    • Vaccinations if required

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