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Our Services

Our initial evaluation of your campaign or project idea will be done at no cost and our advisors offer their service on a pro bono basis. Should your project qualify, you can count on our services as outlined below: Before your campaign commence:
    • Basic analysis of your business or idea
    • Discuss the capital you require
    • Identify suitable platform for your campaign
    • Structure reward system
    • Determine duration of campaign
    • Design campaign
    • Test initial market support
During your campaign:
    • Social Media coverage and promotion
    • Obtain corporate support where applicable
After your campaign:
    • Create a bespoke incubator programme and interactive community platform on your behalf
    • Host webinars and invite mentors to provide insight and prevent costly mistakes
    • Assist with delivering on your rewards as outlined in your campaign.

Our Fees

    • Our fee structure is based on the specific platform and nature of the Crowdfunding campaign implemented.
    • No upfront fees are charged in general. Certain fees might be charged depending on the complexity of the business.
    • BEF’s analysis of your business and written recommendations will be at no charge.
    • Our fees are performance based. If for some reason your campaign is not successful, we’ll not charge any fees.
    • You will retain all marketing material relating to the campaign, whether successful or not.
    • Our fees, excluding that of the specific platform and payment gateways, will not exceed 15% of the value of the campaign.
    • We only charge a 1% fee on donations for all our NPO and charity fundraising campaigns. This is in line with United Nations Protocol.

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